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Every improvement is a change, but not every change is an improvement.

In order to ensure that AT-Learning is continuing to meet the needs of an ever changing service, we constantly produce updates. All users have the ability to inform us of requirements which they believe would make their daily tasks easier.

This feedback is formally documented and after discussions with the AT-Learning Technical Change Control Board, all requirements are prioritised and then go into development. We aim to weigh each requirement in terms of urgency of need, development schedule fit and ease of deployment. AT-Learning is “developed by democracy” all existing clients have a representation on an AT-Learning User Group. If you are an existing user and do not have details of the User Group please contact support@radcliffesolutions.co.uk


AT-Learning Education

AT-Learning Education
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AT-Learning Best Practice  

One of the main reasons for a failed LMS implementation is to due to the inability of an organisation to successfully identify and implement best practices. A significant amount of expected value is directly related to adopting these best practices. We are in a position to advise how best to implement AT-Learning, reengineer current processes and implement a change program to ensure that the new solutions fit into your trust.


Our long term objective regarding best practice is to introduce a benchmarking service which will allow different trusts to see how well their processes run compared to similar organisations. A fact based service such as this will give an unprecedented amount of insight into training spent and the return on investment. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

AT-Learning Implementation  

We have distilled our implementation experience into a definable methodology based on PRINCE2. Typically AT-Learning implementations require a combination of technology and process skills coupled with some data quality assurance expertise.


We approach each engagement in a unique way, designing a complete project around the trust. This ensures that we do not force any aspect of our implementation methodology on your trust. Working in partnership, we can get executive sponsorship, build consensus with the end users and rollout a usable tool.

AT-Learning Consultancy  

It is possible to arrange problem solving sessions with our consultants. Typically we meet with a number of end users working through different ways that they can use AT-Learning to complete their tasks.


Please contact us to discuss our standard consultancy session formats.

AT-Learning Training Programmes  

All AT-Learning training is delivered by licensed practitioners. Given the breadth of AT-Learning most organisations opt for a thorough grounding in the areas that they are likely to use most frequently. When there is a requirement for additional training, users can decide whether they would prefer a consultancy session, or if they would like to receive Advanced AT-Learning Practitioner training.


Those users wishing to undertake the Advanced AT-Learning Practitioner training program, can choose to sit an assessment which will give them a licence to deliver AT-Learning themselves.

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