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Every improvement is a change, but not every change is an improvement.

In order to ensure that AT-Learning is continuing to meet the needs of an ever changing service, we constantly produce updates. All users have the ability to inform us of requirements which they believe would make their daily tasks easier.

This feedback is formally documented and after discussions with the AT-Learning Technical Change Control Board, all requirements are prioritised and then go into development. We aim to weigh each requirement in terms of urgency of need, development schedule fit and ease of deployment. AT-Learning is “developed by democracy” all existing clients have a representation on an AT-Learning User Group. If you are an existing user and do not have details of the User Group please contact support@radcliffesolutions.co.uk




The AT-Learning Tool is a web based all encompassing Learning Management System (LMS) designed and developed to facilitate the offer, delivery, management, evaluation and commissioning of learning & development in an organisation. The tool has been developed in partnership with a number of NHS organisations and is evolved on a regular basis to fulfil the specific needs of the Health Service. It is a tool designed by the service for the service.
AT-Learning has been designed to fit into a suite of people management software tools developed by Radcliffe Solutions. Although the tools are currently deployed in the public sector, they are equally suitable for private enterprises. Download the AT-Learning Fact sheet here.

What is AT-Learning?

(AT-Learning) tool is a learning management system developed by Radcliffe Solutions for the National Health Service. AT-Learning has been developed in conjunction with a number of NHS trusts nationally; consequently we like to think of it as "built by the service, for the service". AT-Learning is the only LMS that has been built around the e-KSF.
As AT-Learning has not been built by a product vendor we can offer constantly evolving functionality to meet ever changing regulatory requirements. AT-Learning currently supports the Agenda for Change, NHSLA Risk Management reporting, Connecting for Health as well as a range of local policy directives.
Initially AT-LEARNING was sold as shrink wrapped software which trusts could implement as they saw fit. Gradually we found ourselves becoming more involved in deployments. Having built up extensive experience of deploying AT-Learning within a range of trusts, we now offer AT-Learning as part of a bespoke consulting engagement. We work in partnership with trusts to formulate an agreed project design. This is then translated into a workable solution mapping desired processes onto AT-Learning. This allows risk-sharing on both sides to ensure a smooth delivery.

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