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Every improvement is a change, but not every change is an improvement.

In order to ensure that AT-Learning is continuing to meet the needs of an ever changing service, we constantly produce updates. All users have the ability to inform us of requirements which they believe would make their daily tasks easier.

This feedback is formally documented and after discussions with the AT-Learning Technical Change Control Board, all requirements are prioritised and then go into development. We aim to weigh each requirement in terms of urgency of need, development schedule fit and ease of deployment. AT-Learning is “developed by democracy” all existing clients have a representation on an AT-Learning User Group. If you are an existing user and do not have details of the User Group please contact support@radcliffesolutions.co.uk




The AT-Learning Tool is a web based (LMS) designed and developed to facilitate the offer, delivery and management as well as evaluation and commissioning of learning & development in an organisation.
  • Consulting

    Our consultants have distilled best practice implementation into a definable methodology which is used in all AT-Learning deployments. The methodology is based on PRINCE2, and has been used nationally in NHS trusts.

    We work in partnership with NHS organisations to help define and develop business cases and benefits realisation plans. These can then be presented to secure board level sponsorship.

    Combining our knowledge of skills management and technology, our consultants can help organisations implement a new learning process design, cleanse and migrate legacy data and ensure AT-Learning is thoroughly embedded into organisations.

    Additionally, in this time of change for the NHS, we can help organisations understand and make sense of the new "technology landscape" that is emerging from initiatives such as Connecting for Health and the Electronic Staff Record. Our strategic understanding of technology and NHS specific business processes enables us to help organisations to make informed implementation decisions.

  • Data Quality Improvement

    The key to a successful AT-Learning implementation is to ensure that any data supplied is fit for purpose. Given the sheer number of incompatible legacy systems in the NHS, some degree of data quality improvement and testing needs to be undertaken to ensure a fully working solution.

    Whilst we never aim to make legacy data "perfect", we strive to ensure that the quality is appropriate to business needs of the trust. We also recognise that good quality data will require an ongoing process to ensure accuracy. With this in mind, the data quality metrics we use ensure that an ongoing improvement program is implemented.

  • Learning Process Outsourcing

    today many organisations find it almost impossible to maintain their training departments in the new regulatory environment effectively with their current resources. New initiatives such as the NHS and Litigation Authority's Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) are raising both the profile and importance of the learning and development function within trusts. As more learning technologies are being deployed such as learning management systems, e-Learning software, content management systems, assessment tools, simulation systems, virtual learning environments; trusts are striving to keep pace.

    As technology outsourcers, providing AT-Learning, we have developed excellent economies of scale. We can run learning and development functions for trusts. By leveraging our understanding of the underlying technology of AT-Learning, as well as our understanding of NHS processes we can "black box" certain processes and work in conjunction with trust staff to deliver an efficient service with low overhead.

    More and more trusts are looking for a partnership supplier to get help for their learning and development departments management. Please contact us to find out more about how Radcliffe Solutions can provide Learning Process Outsourcing for your trust.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Our infrastructure, has been designed based on the e-KSF infrastructure model, which is robust enough to support the entire NHS workforce.

    We are happy to provide customised support and maintenance services for trusts that have specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs that you have. For more information on our support channels please see our section on


    To discuss the specifics of your maintanance contract, or to amend the details of your contract please contact your Engagement manager.

    Please email the AT-Learning support desk at support@AT-Learning.org

  • Education Commissioning

    Education commissioning in the NHS, is more an art than a science at the best of times. The main issue when commissioning education is that it is impossible to produce a "top down" process as each organisation has their own way of commissioning.

    AT-Learning can get around these problems by producing real world "bottom up" data. As this data is entirely free of any process issues, it provides common currency between organisations, allowing for the first time a consistent means of comparing organisations. Therefore an organisation is free to use their existing commissioning processes, whilst benefiting from a standard means of tracking and recording commissioning needs. By building up a central repository of data it is possible for organisations to produce Department of Health returns more quickly and efficiently.

    We have built up significant expertise in using electronic tools for education commissioning, having worked with organisations such as Skills for Health and National Workforce Projects. We are happy to assist trusts in defining how they can implement best practice using AT-Learning. Please contact us  to find out more about how we can assist you.

  • Workforce planning

    AT-Learning combined with the e-KSF can be used strategically to allow trusts to define their workforce needs in a standardised format. Rather than thinking purely in terms of headcount, "we need 20 nurses", it is possible to think in terms of competencies in a meaningful way. The benefits of a standardised framework also allow trusts to communicate these needs more effectively to other stakeholders involved in the process.

    This is an area where we have built up expertise and are happy to work with trusts to define a realistic workforce planning strategy using AT-Learning and the e-KSF. Please  contact us to find out more about how we can assist you.

  • Research and Development

    AT-Learning has been designed to adapt with your organisation. As your processes, and requirements change, AT-Learning will evolve to suit. We actively keep abreast of new local and national initiatives ensuring that AT-Learning is compliant with little or no input required from local trusts.

    If you have any ideas that you think might be useful for the ongoing development of AT-Learning, we are more than happy to discuss this further.

    The AT-Learning Research and Development Group are continuously engaged in evolving future requirements.

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